Saturday, June 2, 2007

About Me

I am 29 years old from Haifa, Israel. I am an INSEAD J'08 MBA student in Fontainebleau, France.

When I started this blog back in June my goal was to share my experience of getting into a Top 10 MBA program. I applied to 8 business schools, and was admitted into 3: INSEAD, MIT and Oxford. I was also waitlisted in LBS and NYU Stern. In my blog you will find a full guide of how to get into a Top 10 MBA. I am no expert in getting into an MBA program, but I did my research. I worked hard on my applications, and gained some useful pieces of information. In a few years I would probably not remember much, so I decided to write down my knowledge while it is still fresh.

Hopefully I should graduate from INSEAD in July 2008. Meanwhile, I dedicate my blog currently to document my life here at INSEAD in order to provide my readers with the understanding of what a Top 10 MBA experience is all about. Especially I emphasize on INSEAD life, and what you should expect if you are admitted. Some of the posts are informative and contain a lot of tips I learnt the hard way.

I am a software engineer by profession. My last job was a software projects leader in Elbit Systems in Haifa, Israel. I studied in the Technion institution in the Electrical Engineering Department, and graduated in 2004. Before my studies I served in the Israeli Navy for 3 years. I also worked as a computer science high school teacher for 4 years.

You may want to learn from my experience and try some of it yourself. You might want to consider alternatives. I mean that there is probably more than one way to get in. Perhaps mine is not even the best. You may just want to read my blog to get some insights or a different point of view. You might disregard everything I have to say and work on your entire application for one month, only to get yourself into Harvard (Lucky you).


Anonymous said...

I've added you to my blogroll. I found it very interesting.
You are welcome to visit mine.

Goncalo Branco said...

Hello Yariv,

Thank you for this very interesting blog. I am applying for INSEAD January 2009 class. Two days ago I received confirmation that I was pre-selected for interviews. I am now waiting for them to be schedulled. Your tips are very usefull and really hope to get in. Insead is my number one choice...
Goncalo Branco

Eli Michaeli said...

Hi Yariv, it is very interesting and helpfull blog :-).

I have a question regarding the average profile of the students in INSEAD.
I'm 30 years old, and also gratuated the Technion in 2003, in Information systems engineering.
Now working in India manging various development teams (I guess till end of 2009).

I'll appreciate if u could describe generally the above and maybe to elaborate about the areas INSEAD is specialized - i mean the highest salaries :-).

Thanks in advance,
Eli M.

Double glazing said...
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akis said...

Hi Yariv

Admit to 2010 INSEAD FBL.
I am looking to take a loan from BNP Paribas. Do they require the person to be present in france for giving the loan . Also do they require even the gaurantor to be in france or these things can be done over the internet.

Thanks for your help



Yariv Hammer said...

Congratulation akis!
I am not up to date with the BNP loan. I suggest you contact them by email or phone and ask for the details.