Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After several months of work, I am proud to announce the launch of my new MBA Admissions Consulting Services company - IMPACTMBA.

Until now we operated under a different name, and we have already helped several candidates in their application. I am proud that our success rate so far has been 100%.

At IMPACTMBA we are offering an affordable and transparent service, based on pre-defined packages, and fixed price model (unlike other similar services, we do not charge by the hour/minute). Our services are based on unique methodologies that we have developed based on our experience, to offer an effective and responsive service. Last, but as important, we offer a friendly service, with a personal touch, as we are in this business because we enjoy helping candidates from all over the world succeed in being admitted to top MBA program, just as we had succeeded several years ago.

Please visit our website, to find all the information in details and learn more about our services, packages, fees, and methodologies. You will be able to book a free Introductory Meeting or Phonecall.

We can help you create an impactful application for any MBA program in the world. Especially, for INSEAD candidates we have special offers.

Please provide me with any feedback, and I hope that you will choose IMPACTMBA.

Yariv Hammer