Saturday, June 2, 2007

The MBA Admission Process

These are the steps (in chronological order) you need to take in order to complete an application. I am going to write in detail about each step later on.

1. Take the GMAT - you should score around 700. It might be difficult to get in with a score of 600-680 GMAT - but it is possible.

2. Take the TOEFL - The English test is manadatory for most schools, if you are not a English native speaker. You should score above 265, even 280 (That's in CBT test format). It might be a different score scale in iBT. Some alternatives for this exam exists.

3. Select the business schools you want to apply to. Do a research, talk to some students and alumni, go to convensions, check the ranking, and visit the schools' websites. Each school is different, the programs vary, each school has its strengthes and weaknesses. Do your research! it's important.

4. Create a list of all your proffesional, academic, extra-curricular, valunteering, and military achievements. You should have several years of proffesional experience post your graduation (military service counts even before your degree). The list should be long - include every activity that might show your initiative, leadership, awards, accomplishments, team-work, influence, etc. Leave out nothing. You might end up not using some of it, but this will clear your head. Be honest - DON'T LIE and don't make up anything. Summarize everything in a 1 page business resume.

5. Create a strategy - how you want to present yourself to the business schools. What are your short and long term career goals, and what do you want to do next? How is the MBA helpful to achieve your goals?

6. Select 2 or 3 recommenders. One should be your current employer. The third one can be a professor or a colleage. They should know you from different aspects of your past. It is essential that they know you and be willing to write 3-4 pages recommendation in Englidh about you. Sit with each of them in advance, and describe to them what the recommendation is all about. Design with them a general recommendation based on common questions. Don't write the recommendation for them - as it is unethical. But you can help them by reminding them of your strengthes and weaknesses.

7. Write the essays - each school has different essay questions, but there are some typical questions that you can work on in advance. Each school looks for different things in a candidate, so generic essays might not be perfect, but it's a start.

8. If you wish to do so - visit some of the schools you want to apply to. You might learn some things and then add to the essays. It also shows your enthusiathm.

9. Fill the application forms - they might contain short essays as well.

10. Send everything online and wait for the interview invitations.

11. If you received an interview invitation WELL DONE - you are two-thirds of the way there. You can prepare yourself for the interview by practicing.

12. Wait for the decision - you might end up on the waitlist. There are several things you can do while on the waitlist - but basically you have to be patient.

If you are offered a place - CONGRATULATIONS.


mainak said...

It was very helpful...But I have a question ...
If sm1 has already given toefl and GRE and has a MS degree..Does he also need to give toefl again??

Yariv Hammer said...

First of all, I suggest you send an email to the biz school of your choice and ask their admissions.
If you have taken the Toefl in the last two years I think all you need to do is send them the official grade through ETS.

Kamya said...

I'm an undergrad, and your blogs seem to be geared towards kids who have come out of college, worked for a few years, and only then applied for an MBA. Is it very difficult to get into a top tier business school without work experience after your Bachelors? I'm working on a BS in Management, and do plan to do internships whenever I can to get enough work experience. Do I still need to get a job before the MBA for a better chance of admission?
Thanks so much for your posts - they're really helpful!

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Yariv Hammer said...
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