Thursday, July 26, 2007

MY NYU Stern Interview (that didn't take place)

NYU Stern invited me for an interview. The problem was that the interview was to be conducted in New York. They have a procedure to schedule an interview in London, but this is only after filling up a form and making a request. On special circumstances they would authorise a phone interview.

They agreed to interview me in London, but not in Israel. So in order to get interviewed I had to fly to London for a day or two. There were several circumstances that held me back from flying to London:

1. I had a personal event exactly in the time of the interview.
2. I could not take days off work at the time.
3. I had already been admitted to MIT, so it was really not worth my while to go into so much trouble.
4. The cost: It would have cost me 600-800$ to fly there.

NYU showed no flexibility and consideration to my personal event, so I politely declined the interview invitation. I ended up in the waitlist, and later on rejected by the school. That's a shame, because NYU Stern is supposed to be a really good business school.

I know of a guy with 10 times better and jastified reasons than mine for not flying to London, and he did not get any consideration either. So, I really can't complain. NYU Stern wants candidates who are willing to go around the world in order to be admitted to their school. I was not one of those applicants (apparently) so I was not admitted to the school. Too bad.

Note: This post is not a complaint. I have no bad feelings toward NYU, and I totally understand their approach. I just wanted to warn that some schools require you to fly to them for the interview, and you should take that into consoderation when applying. - it's ashame to waste time and money if you don't plan to fly to the interview.

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