Monday, August 27, 2007

Second Visit to INSEAD


On the second day we were very eager to use some internet, and since the apartment does not have internet yet, we came back to INSEAD cafeteria.
This time we explored the place some more.

Yesterday I wondered how I am going to survive on sandwiches in the year. Well, by going up the stairs from the cafeteria, we came to the restaurant, where food from all flavors is served for reasonable prices: Italian, vegetarian, meat, sea food, and much more. It all looks quite good.

I went up from the cafeteria toward the fitness center. On the way we checked out the cubicles for group study. They give the place a real serious look – each one has a board and a computer connection and a small meeting’s table – almost like a small office. They are built with the same red stones as the building. A note with the cubicle’s policy is hanged on the wall – “How to achieve cubicle’s heaven” or something. Apparently this is a valuable resource that everybody fights over, so students used to save cubicles for later, use them for things other than study in groups, so there are norms that the university tries to enforce.

I also saw an amphi where classes are given, and it looked very sophisticated.

The fitness room is on the 3rd floor, and it is not very big (it's pretty disappointing) but fully equipped. Outside the window you can see the other facilities that INSEAD has to offer, including the Tennis courts and the swimming pool (25 m). There are group activities, such as walking in the woods, Yoga, and more (but those are expensive).

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