Monday, September 17, 2007

Social Life at INSEAD

INSEAD is a great experience and an oportunity to meet new people. Actually I have a lot of fun, and besides the studying, it is a good change in my life. Before I went to INSEAD I was stuck in a routin and now I feel that my life is pretty exciting. Too bad that currently my wife, Inna, is not here with me.

Well, to illustrate what I am talking about, here are the activities from the previous week.

At Monday I had dinner at friends house.

At Wednesday there was Rosh Hashana dinner (Jewish new year) at friends. The next day there was the official Rosh Hashana dinner at Shangri-La - over 30 people came (Israelis and Jewish). Everyone contributed a dish and it was wonderful and very exciting.

At Friday we had a group dinner at the house of one of our group members, an Indian dinner cooked by his lovely wife. It was great we loughed all evening. It really bonded us as a group, and we learnt a lot about each other cultures.
After dinner I went to a custom party, Quention Tarantino style, in Shangri-La.

On Saturday there was a very big BBQ in the Mint House in Bois Le Rois, and an unexpected number of students showed up. It was amazing, and after eating tons of meat, we ended up playing ping pong and poker (some of us even played Golf).


Anonymous said...

As I know you quite well I think the most impressive change you have come threw is your ability to enjoy social life. I enjoy very much your blog and hope you will write more - and please more pictures

Anonymous said...

I see I should have taught you how to play texas holde'm while I could...