Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Trip to Reims in Champagne

I took time-off from studying hard in p2, and went with my wife Inna, and a couple of friends, Carolina and Patricio, to Champagne.

We went on a Saturday by car. Using toll roads it is about 2 hours drive to Reims, and the toll is about 10 euros one way. We drove back the same evening.

Since it was Saturday we could only find one Champagne Cave (a winery) openned, Pommery, and we reserved a place on Friday. There are English tours at 12:00 and at 14:45. On
weekdays there are plenty of Champagne caves around.

Pommery is the oldest winery in Champagne, since the 19th century, and it the second largest in terms of market share. Madam Pommery inheritted the estate from her husband, and immedietly started to expand. She bought the area, and apperantely there were Roman pyramid-shaped caves. She dug tunnels between those pyramid to form an 18 km cellers underground. This place is amazing! In the caves there are huge carvings done by artists.

At the end of the tour we got a glass of champagne each. There are several options: 10 Euros for the simple traditional champagne. 12 Euros for the more sophisticated one. 15 Euros for 2 glasses of your choice. 17 Euros for the best quality champagne. All prices include the tour.

This is December, and in Reims there is a beautiful Christmas market, near the impressive gothic church that reminded us of Notre-Dam in Paris. From christmas decoration, to all sorts of food, this rich market was a nice way to spend our Saturday evening. I even found Krembo (an Israeli invention of creme and choclate, apperantly improved by the French) - the best Krembo I ate in my life. We ate Chorus and marrons - it was awesome.

In the area you can also go to Epernay (someone told me that except for some more caves nothing much to see), and Chalons which is the capital. We passed.


NNB said...

Hi Yariv, my husband got an admit to INSEAD for next fall. We'r planning to move to france in August, but since I will not be able to work during the 10 months, I was wondering what you partner did while she was at Fonty? It seems like because of the language barrier and few work permits, getting a job in Paris can be tough. Can we take some courses at INSEAD? Do people go to Paris to take courses etc? Any help would be most appreciated! ~ NNB

Yariv Hammer said...

Hi nnb
First, congratulation on the wonderful achievement. You both will surely have a wonderful time here in France.

My partner is studying French in Alliance De France in Paris 3 times a week, and having a great time relaxing here in Fonty.

If you do not have a work permit in France, forget about getting a job. You might want to look for a job in your home country which is in France.

Normally, showing up for classes is ok for partners if the professor agrees.

If you need more advice, I can surely help.